What Is Suboxone?

What Is Suboxone?

Suboxone is an opiate which is usually used in medical circles to treat addiction of other opiates. This drug is usually available in tablet form and it is ingested into the body by swallowing. Suboxone actually decreases the opiate craving that the addicts normally face; hence helping them kick the bad habit.

Getting rid of opiate abuse is normally very difficult and this is the main reason why Suboxone is used. This drug eases the entire process by relieving the withdrawal symptoms so that they can be bearable to the particular patient in question.

When this drug is being used formally to treat opiate addiction, the doctor has to first of all decide whether or not the patient requires this method of treatment or maybe another one can suffice.

The main ingredient which is active in this drug is commonly known as buprenorphine and it is actually a partial agonist. In other words, partial agonists are opiates which do not have a high potential for abuse mainly because their level of dependence and addiction is lower. On the other hand, full agonists are opiates that have a high potential for abuse, with the most notorious drug from this group being heroin.

What Is Suboxone?

It is this property of Suboxone that makes it very effective when it comes to matters concerning the treatment of opiate addiction. Apart from the buprenorphine, this drug also has another substance, which is known as naloxone, and it helps in preventing the user from abusing the drug.

Even though Suboxone is used to treat addiction to opiates, it is a drug that is being abused all the same. Despite the claims from the manufacturers that this drug has low potential for abuse, reported cases show that the use of this drug for recreational purposes is in an all-time high.

Law enforcement agents and medical practitioners also reveal that most of the people who abuse this drug normally abuse other illicit drugs. This is usually done in a bid to supplement the high that they are receiving from the main drug that they are abusing.

This is very dangerous and is strictly cautioned against because it has very serious side effects that may even lead to death. When combined with other drugs, such as alcohol for instance, Suboxone usually causes extreme drowsiness, extreme sedation, and unconsciousness and, in some instances, even death.

Other side effects that are usually experienced when Suboxone is abused include: chills, headaches, sweating, problems sleeping, mood swings, nausea and vomiting. Most of the people who abuse this drug normally crush it then inject it into their bodies.

This is not the way that the drug should be administered (it should be swallowed or placed under the tongue), hence the effects it creates become elevated. This makes cases of overdose more prevalent in people who are abusing Suboxone than those who are using it as prescribed. The side effects of Suboxone overdose usually include: weakness, clammy and cold skin, sedation, fainting and, even, coma.

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